Program Details

Earth Vase Pilgrimage

The 2018 Earth Vase Pilgrimage will begin and end at the Enlightenment Stupa at Milarepa Retreat Center, just on the border of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


The journey will take place on and around the famous peak of Mt. LeConte, one of the most beautiful and multifaceted mountains in the park. The pilgrimage will include a solo retreat of one or two nights, and will feature practices to connect with the five elements and the animal world.


Work that Reconnects

This year we will again offer a retreat on Johanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects” led by Deborah Eden Tull. The Work that Reconnects is a perfect prelude to the following pilgrimage and exploration of the sacred ground of the Smokies.

“We live in tumultuous times, and this workshop offers  tools that enable us to be peaceful and powerful amidst the challenges we face as human beings. The purpose of this workshop is to help you realize the power within you and the resource of nature and to see more clearly how to use our strengths as service to ourselves and to the world. In these times of uncertainty, meditation and Deep Ecology invite us to embrace our partnership with nature on a deeper level.”   –Deborah Eden Tull


“The Work that Reconnects” Retreat with Deborah Eden Tull and Lama Karma at Milarepa Retreat Center



Earth Vase Pilgrimage to Mt. LeConte